Un programa de prueba para Windows‚ por Iopus

iOpus STARR es una aplicación interesante y de prueba para Windows creada por Iopus. Ver descripción completa

iOpus STARR es una aplicación interesante y de prueba para Windows creada por Iopus.

Más información sobre iOpus STARR

iOpus STARR funciona en dispositivos con S.O. Windows 98 y superior, y solo está disponible en Inglés. La versión de la aplicación es 3.27 y se actualizó en 20/06/2012.Respecto an iOpus STARR, es un programa que requiere menos espacio libre que la media de los programas de su categoría.Desde que el programa forma parte de nuestro catálogo de programas y apps en 2012, ya tiene 7,062 descargas, y durante la última semana consiguió 0 descargas.

Effective security on computers can save a computer user thousands of dollars every year. This stealth-monitoring utility provides the PCs equivalent of the security camera (and much more), increasing security dramatically, whilst causing no disruption to working practices or draining network resources.

Flexible network functions allow you to send and receive reports via the Internet or the corporate LAN. STARR PRO also contains advanced setup and reporting functions and is prepared for remote deployment inside the local network. STARR PRO is employed frequently by small businesses, "Fortune 500" companies, public sector institutions (universities, libraries and schools) and the military alike. STARR PRO is also popular for many special tasks like usability testing or scientific studies of PC usage.

STARR is based on real world experience: It creates one HTML-File that contains everything that you choose to log (keystrokes, used applications, visited websites, chat transcripts,...).The HTML file is fully searchable for specific keywords (e. g. "xxx") and thus makes the evaluation of the log file a snap! The compact, single log file is also ideally suited for archiving the results to satisfy legal requirements.



iOpus STARR Pro 3.27